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20 ft. x 83 in. (CC) 6" Channel Equipment w. (2) 7,000 lb. Axles


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20 ft. x 83 in. (CC) 6" Channel Equipment w. (2) 7,000 lb. Axles

PJ Trailers is the the industry leader when it comes to combining product quality, support, and level of personal customization.

  • The industry standard frame warranty for most equipment trailers is one (1) year; we believe so strongly in our frame strength that we offer a three (3) year frame warranty on all PJ equipment trailers and car haulers.
  • We cap our boards by installing them below the front and rear bumpers to keep the boards from curling; we also cap our dovetails by adding a flat the break in the dovetail; extra deck screws on our flooring to make sure
  • All PJ equipment trailers feature a wrap tongue; this means the tongue is extended to the front of the fender, significantly increasing the strength and rigidity of the entire frame.
  • At PJ Trailers we think our best advertising comes from jobsites and coffee shops, not on billboards and television ads. we didn’t buy our reputation for building great trailers, we built it – one trailer at a time.
  • If you want an equipment trailer that lasts, it must be built on a rock solid frame. other trailer builders attempt to cut their cost by skimping on frame materials (smaller channels, fewer welds, no gussets, less cross-members).
  • We fabricate many of our frame components on CNC plasma tables; this allows for excellent finish to each component, consistent fit, and smooth operation; it also gives us the ability to customize the exact component we need for each model, instead of being forced to use off the shelf components.
  • We use 10 gauge wiring for our trailer brakes to make sure the brakes receive full power to stop the trailer; the best break controller and electric brakes can quickly become inferior if the wire is too small to transmit full power to the brakes.
  • One of the most common places other manufacturers try to cut cost and save labor is by using splice connectors; splice connectors offer little to no protection against water and corrosion. we use heat shrink butt connectors that are watertight and extremely reliable.
  • Great materials, components, and build quality are irrelevant if the trailer is poorly designed. when you have built tens of thousands of equipment trailers you receive ample feedback about your product (both good and bad); we have used this valuable information to refine our product.
  • Having a great looking trailer adds professionalism to your business and gives your customer extra confidence; our customers often make a large investment in their truck and expect their trailer to compliment the vehicle towing it; we believe you should be proud of your trailer, not embarrassed!
  • PJ equipment trailers are wired with a weather proof junction box standard; this keeps your wiring clean and well protected from the elements; if you were to damage the front harness or plug, a junction box makes
  • Radial tires are superior to bias ply tires in many ways; radial tires feature better fuel economy, less vibration, a softer ride, and extended life due to less heat being generated by the tire. for hauling equipment, radial tires are the only way to go.
  • Price includes 18 ft straight deck + 2 ft dovetail, 5' fold up ramps, spare tire mount and upgraded 2-5/16 in coupler
  • Every PJ equipment trailer receives a bulldog™ coupler as a standard feature. the bulldog™ coupler has a well-earned reputation for being the toughest, most durable coupler in the trailer industry.
  • Our fenders are made of 14 gauge diamond plate steel for increased durability; they can also be easily removed for off-road use or easy replacement; not only are our diamond plate fenders tougher than the typical smooth plate, they look great too!
  • PJ equipment trailers receive treated no. 2 southern yellow pine for decking; this pressure treated lumber is known for its high strength and durability.
  • Dexter is the undisputed leading manufacturer of trailer axles for over 50 years; their American made axles are
  • Every PJ equipment trailer features lifetime LED lights standard; our LED lights are not only brighter but they are faster, last longer, and draw less current than incandescent lights; our LED lights are so reliable they feature a lifetime warranty.
  • Trailer wiring issues are one of the most common and frustrating problems for trailer owners; our harness is enclosed in steel conduit throughout the frame of the trailer, to protect the wiring from ice, road debris, and physical damage.
  • We use 3 In. channel for cross-members on 16 In. center for increased deck strength on our 14k equipment trailers; some manufacturers use roll formed channel that is much lighter, cheaper, and weaker than a true channel cross-member.
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