Milwaukee Electric Vacuums

Milwaukee vacuums collect the dust and other waste from your messiest projects with speed and power. Excessive dust build-up can aggravate allergies and is a fire hazard; prompt cleanup is a vital part of every job. With a wide array of models and vacuum attachments available, Milwaukee's vacuums are just as versatile as the rest of its tool lines.
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Shop vacuums come in a variety of power options, from one-stage to three-stage motors. Higher motor performance indicates more powerful cleanup. For extreme job site versatility, Milwaukee's shop vacuums also come in cordless models that run on the same M series of batteries that power your tool collection for convenience and economy. As wet/dry vacuums, these models can handle anything from shavings and debris to soggy sawdust in the rain.

For your hardest jobs, Milwaukee vacuum accessories offer replacement parts for damaged accessories. You can also select wireless hoses and plastic nozzles for lighter-duty jobs where you don't want to haul heavier nozzles. Milwaukee vacuum filters are high-efficiency models that catch the tiniest particles and irritants to truly clean your area. Stock up on vacuum filters to ensure that you've got all that you need to finish your job.

Milwaukee shop vacuums come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. These vacuums and their accessories feature rugged construction for long tool life and durability even on the toughest worksites. Upgrade to Milwaukee vacuums today to bring true cleaning power to your workspace.
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