Milwaukee® M18™ tools have a history of providing you with the power, run time and comfortable handling you need at home and on the job. When looking for your next saw, our selection of Milwaukee tools will have what you need. M18 tools offer long-lasting POWERSTATE™ brushless motors, advanced REDLINK™ technology and superior REDLITHIUM™ batteries, everything you'd expect from Milwaukee.
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One of the biggest features of these Milwaukee M18 cordless multi-tools is their portability. Rather than using a cord, they rely on batteries, so you aren't tied to being near an electrical outlet or dealing with power cables whenever you have to cut a piece of wood or a metal pipe. The batteries on these Milwaukee M18 saws offer as much as 40 percent longer runtimes over traditional Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries, so you can work for a long time before needing to stop and charge them.

Milwaukee M18 cordless circular saws are useful when you need to cut wood. Use one to cut joists, rip through plywood or cut through framing lumber. For demolition and remodeling work, consider using a reciprocating saw, like Milwaukee M18 cordless sawzalls and hackzalls, they can quickly and easily cut through pipes, framing lumber, flooring and even nails.

For variety and more delicate projects, there are two other types of saw that are useful. Milwaukee M18 cordless bandsaws let you cut pipe and strut for electrical raceways and plumbing rough-ins. For more detail consider Milwaukee M18 cordless jig saws. Using one of these tools you can cut countertops for a new kitchen sink or slice complex shapes.

With the right Milwaukee M18 cordless saws you can accomplish almost any cutting task you have. Thanks to the batteries, these saws let you do it without being plugged in. Finding the right saw for your particular needs is easy as Milwaukee offers several to choose from.
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