Milwaukee M18 Cordless Batteries & Chargers

Milwaukee® M18™ cordless batteries and chargers are essential to keeping you and your crew working all day long. They're compatible with all the tools in the M18 line so you can use a single station to run all of your projects. Milwaukee M18 power tool batteries are ideal for both DIY hobbyists and master professionals.
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These power cells feature the REDLITHIUM™ design, which delivers exceptional power for high performance and a long run time. Milwaukee M18 cordless rechargeable batteries feature the REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence system to regulate their energy consumption and prevent over-discharging for more consistent work. A FUEL™ gauge displays the remaining time left in the charge so you can better prioritize your tasks.

If you're just starting out make sure to pick up your batteries as part of a cordless combo kit to get the tool that you need most with a charger and batteries. Grab at least one more Milwaukee M18 power tool battery than the number of people working on your crew so you can always have one charging while everyone works. If you like to work with lightweight tools, you can opt for a combination M18/M12™ multi-charger that works with both lines of batteries.

As a professional craftsman, you can opt for the High Demand line of Milwaukee M18 cordless rechargeable batteries for an extended run time in heavy-duty conditions. High Demand chargers are backwards compatible with your existing M18 batteries. Their lithium-ion design prevents them from developing a memory so they retain their full charge over time.

The manufacturer backs up their Milwaukee M18 cordless rechargeable batteries with limited warranties so you can use them knowing that you're protected. They help you to use all of your Milwaukee tool collection whenever you need. Check out our selection of Milwaukee M18 cordless batteries and chargers today to find the one that's best for your specific needs.
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