Milwaukee Grinders are powerful, versatile tools that help you put a stylish finish on many household or professional products. These tools are useful for grinding, sanding, cutting and polishing wood, metal and fiberglass. There are many different kinds of specialty jobs, but Milwaukee grinders will help you cover them all.
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For precision work use a die grinder. Die grinders feature smaller heads that clean, polish and cut small tools, fasteners, and more. The various available die grinder heads are versatile Milwaukee power tool accessories that switch out quickly for convenient operation. A die grinder is useful for all of your artisan projects that require quick removal or detail work in metal, wood and other hard materials.

Power angle grinders deliver greater power for your tougher home and automotive jobs. Angle grinders equip cutoff wheels, grinding or sanding discs, and buffing wheels for a wide variety of tasks. Milwaukee angle grinders present a large surface area of their wheels to the project surface for faster results. If you are a professional handyman or a serious DIY homeowner, consider a straight grinder. Pneumatic straight grinders deliver the greatest power of any grinder. They are rugged and can achieve speeds of up to 14,000 RPM to sand or grind away material with ease and speed.

Milwaukee tools also boast many important safety features. Overload protection allows you to run your tools with peace of mind. A padded integrated tool rest lets you safely put down your powerful straight grinder while it stops spinning. Wheel guards and face plates deflect high-velocity burrs and sanding particles from your face and eyes.

All Milwaukee corded power tools come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty for exceptional protection and value. They are made using rugged metal and plastic components for durability and maximum tool life. Switch over to Milwaukee grinders and enjoy a professional-grade finish for every project.
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