Milwaukee Electrical Meters

About Milwaukee Electrical Meters
Milwaukee Electrical Test and Measurement tools are accurate, safe and reliable means to measure the strength and flow of your electrical currents. If your power goes out, or if you plan to install fixtures, switches or outlets a measurement tool lets you work with the confidence of knowing that you're safe from electrical hazards and can easily track down the source of any problem.

Types of Electrical Test and Measurement Tools from Milwaukee
Milwaukee multimeters feature true-RMS measurements for greater accuracy. These Milwaukee tools have backlit LED displays for easy-to-read results, which is important when you're working in a dark space. If you are a professional electrical worker or a DIY homeowner, then Milwaukee multimeters are ideal for you because they measure multiple factors like voltage, current, temperature and more. If your project calls for many measurements, save time and money with Milwaukee multimeters in combo kits with strippers and drivers to get at the conductors.

Milwaukee testers are perfect for situations when you need to check continuity and voltage quickly. Testers are affordable and tell you what you need to know quickly. Save yourself the time of laboriously checking every bulb in your fluorescent fixtures with Milwaukee testers designed specifically to analyze fluorescent lighting ballasts, bulbs and pins.

For safety and speed, some Milwaukee electrical measurement tools have noncontact readings, so you don't need to expose yourself to a potential electrical hazard. Rubber and plastic housings provide insulation and comfort as you work and eliminate strain from a long project. Additional features that make your job easier include belt clips to hold your Milwaukee testers, work lights to illuminate your space and clamps to keep your conductor steady.

Milwaukee's selection of electrical test and measurement tools contains a wide selection of clamp meters and fork meters.

Why Buy a Milwaukee Electrical Measurement Tools?
All Milwaukee instruments feature a warranty for protection and economy. They are built with durable materials and provide safety and protection from drops and impacts. Switch to Milwaukee electrical measurement tools to experience outstanding performance and value.

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