About Milwaukee Cutting Accessories
The saws that Milwaukee manufactures need sharp, tough blades to finish the projects that you’re doing on the job or at home. The company designs its high-quality blades for endurance and to quickly saw through various building materials.

Milwaukee cutting accessories include blades and wheels that can cut through:

  • Wood
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Stainless and Regular Steel
  • Drywall or Cement Board
  • PVC and Plastics
Milwaukee is one of the most trusted names in power tools by both contractors and do-it-yourselfers. They are one of four companies whose sales account for nearly half of the $51 billion global tool trade.

Types of Cutting Accessories from Milwaukee
Milwaukee makes several types of cutting tools, along with their blades and accessories. They include: They have seven blade and accessory categories with over 300 products from which to choose. Some of the blades and accessories include the:
  • Milwaukee 48-40-0720 7 1/4-inch 24T Framing Circular Saw Blade
  • Milwaukee 48-39-0501 10 TPI x 44-7/8 inch Bi-Metal Portable Bandsaw Blade in 3-packs
  • Milwaukee 48-66-0975M 1/4 inch Die Grinder Collet
  • Milwaukee 49-16-803-AC 3/0 AWG Cu THHN/HXXW Bushing
  • Milwaukee 48-90-4055 10-Piece Japanese Tooth Multi-Tool Blade
Why Buy Milwaukee Cutting Accessories?
When you have a high-quality power tool, you want to keep it in great shape, and the best way to do that is to buy accessories and blades from the same manufacturer.

Whether it’s a hackzall, circular saw blade, or bushings for shears, you will find the cutting blades and cutting accessories that you need for your Milwaukee tools. Many of the blades will fit on other tool brands as well.