About Milwaukee Cordless Drills
Milwaukee Cordless Drills offer three different options depending on the specifications that you need. Our handheld, powerful yet compact drills all run on the M12, M18 or M28 battery system, meaning that you'll be able to run your drill using the batteries in the same systems that power other Milwaukee cordless tools. Consider the types of jobs you will use your drill for when considering which drill best suits your purposes.

Types of Cordless Drills from Milwaukee
Will you be using your drill mainly to for concrete or masonry work? If so, then Milwaukee cordless hammer drills are the best fit for you. Hammer drills work by impacting the drill bit thousands of times per minute and make quick work of household materials. With little effort you can drill several holes in concrete in a minimal amount of time.

Are you planning on using your drill for applying or removing screws, bolts and nuts or drilling pilot holes? You'll find cordless drill / drivers will get the job done quickly and fast. Drill drivers accept hundreds of different drilling or driving bits and can work on nearly any job.

Does your home or work site have a lot of small, confined spaces that are hard to reach with ordinary drills? Milwaukee's cordless right angle drills are designed to deliver their power through the tool handle and are very short, with heads as low as 3.75 inches without the bit. There are very few places these won't reach, meaning that you can finish virtually any job without a fuss.

Why Buy Milwaukee Cordless Drills?
All Milwaukee cordless drills are protected by a 5-year manufacturer warranty. They are constructed from durable metal and plastic components, so you know that you're covered no matter what the job throws at you. Before you begin your next project make sure that you're using Milwaukee's drills to ensure that your project is done right.

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