Whether you’re a professional or a DIY-er, Milwaukee corded power tools cover all phases of any job in the home or on the construction site. Each device is engineered with innovative, industry-leading technology that delivers professional-grade power, performance and durability. Just plug them in, and do your best work. It’s that easy!

Types of Milwaukee Corded Power Tools
Milwaukee carries a wide variety of corded power tools that offer high performance, precision and accuracy, and a ton of power. Whether you need a saw, electric grinder, router, electric drill, or an electric sander, Milwaukee has you covered. Their power tools line also includes heat guns, rotary and demolition hammers, electric impact wrenches, coring tools, and so much more!

Why Buy Milwaukee Corded, Electric Power Tools
Milwaukee electric power tools are cutting edge because Milwaukee adapts its tools to the constantly changing demands of the workplace and the professionals who work there. These power tools ensure that jobs are done efficiently and ergonomically and that tools last a long time. All lines of Milwaukee corded power tools have different amp and horsepower ratings to fit specific task and job applications, with industry-leading clutch, torque, rpm, CFM, SFPM and tool-blade ratings.