Metabo® tools combine advanced motor technology with comfort and safety features that enhance productivity, improve worker comfort and reduce job site accidents. Finish wood, concrete or metal surfaces with Metabo sanders, grinders and polishers. Take on tough construction or demolition tasks at remote locations with Metabo cordless tools such as hammer drills and circular saws and, once work is complete, clean up the job site or workshop with Metabo vacuums.
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The motors in Metabo tools feature patented designs that protect components from dust and wear, enhancing their service life. They produce up to 20 percent more power and 50 percent more torque than comparable products thanks to a winding pattern that packs more copper into a smaller area. Compact motors also cut the overall weight and size of Metabo power tools. They fit inside ergonomic handles that reduce hand fatigue and provide complete control over the machine while it's running.

A unified battery system powers all Metabo cordless tools and simplifies charger and battery management on your job site. Metabo 18V LiHD® battery packs provide up to 7.0 Amp-hours and 2,400 watts, enough power to take on the toughest grinding, drilling or cutting jobs. Ultra-M smart monitoring maximizes battery output and extends its running time, which reduces charging downtime. Fewer charging cycles also increase the battery's service life.

Anti-vibration technology and automatic balancers built into Metabo tools improve worker comfort and extend the life of your drill bits, grinding wheels and saw blades. Electronic speed and torque controls ensure device starts and stops are smooth and precise, and motor brakes reduce the risk of accidents by bringing Metabo grinding and cut-off wheels, saw blades and drill bits to a stop within a few seconds. Overload protection keeps machines from overheating. Safety clutches automatically shut down the tool when jams occur, and restart protection prevents accidental restarts after a power loss. Many Metabo tools have tool-free bit or blade change systems that reduce downtime. Explore our selection of Metabo products and find the right tool for your workshop or job site.
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