About Makita Sanding, Grinding & Polishing Accessories

Opting for low-quality accessories can spell disaster for your next project. Not only can they do damage to your tools, but they can end up harming whatever you are working on and extend your work time. Just some of these tools probably include your sanding and polishing items. Thankfully, the Makita sanding, grinding and polishing accessories we offer are built out of high-quality and strong materials that can tackle your tough projects. Our selection fits your needs for each of these accessory types. Now you can get your work done in a neater, better and faster way than ever before.

Why Buy Makita Sanding, Grinding & Polishing Accessories?

Just look through our range of accessories, and you will see why we are the right choice for your next power tool purchase. The Makita sanding accessories we offer include abrasive belts in different sizes and grits. Choose from 60 to 180 grit accessories, including abrasive papers. These papers are built to remove paint, wood and metal and deliver a smooth sanding result. We also offer Makita polishing accessories that bring out the best in your metal projects. Our selection includes different types of polishing bonnets that are constructed from a durable but effective wool material. Their convenient hook-and-loop design makes installation easy. Makita grinding wheels can take on metals such as steel and cast iron. Luckily, we’ve got the range of sizes and grits for whatever you need to take on. We can also help out your project with wire brushes, lock nuts for pads, backing pads, sanding pads and cutting guards. Our prices make picking your Makita sanding, grinding and polishing accessories even easier.

We carry a large stock of accessories that fit to many different sizes and types of cordless sanders, corded sanders, grinders, polishers, cordless grinders, and more.

Acme Tools has the largest selection of sanding grinding and polishing accessories from Makita for your woodworking and other project needs. Explore our selection of wire wheels & brushes, other sanding, grinding & polishing accessories, and other power tool accessories and find the best accessories to finish your projects effectively.