About Makita Pneumatic Tools
Makita air tools are powerful tools offering you a way to make light work of what used to be tough, labor intensive work. They are designed to be used with Makita’s air compressors line to create a powerhouse helping you get work done faster than ever before with far less effort. Makita’s air compressors include air nailers, air staplers, and accessories.

Makita Air Nailers
Makita air nailers are accurate and powerful pneumatic nailers helping you make fastening applications faster and easier than ever before. These air staplers are available in a variety of sizes and specialty styles to accommodate your application and needs. Whether you need an all-purpose nailer or an air nailer designed specifically for roofing, siding, framing, or finishing, Makita offers air nailers designed fit you specific needs. While Makita’s air nailers are powerful, they are also lightweight and efficient. Makita’s air nailers are up to 30% lighter, making them very practical for all day, every day use on the job or at home. Makita has also integrated high pressure technology into select air nailers, increasing efficiency and power.

Makita Air Staplers
Makita’s air staplers are top of the line crown staplers that combine power, precision, and ease-of-use, offering you a quick and easy fastening solution for a variety of applications. Makita air staplers are available in a variety of sizes that are able to accommodate staples ranging from ¼” to 1” 16-18 gauge. In addition to power, these air staplers are also efficient, loading staples quickly so you’re able to minimize downtime while working. Makita’s pneumatic staplers are also compact and lightweight, making your job easier than ever before!

Why Buy Makita Pneumatic Tools?
Makita’s air nailers and air staplers are powerful yet lightweight air powered tools that help make your job quicker, safer, and easier than ever before. As with all Makita tools, these air tools are made with extreme craftsmanship, resulting in high quality, highly durable, well-engineered tools that are designed to provide power, efficiency, and accuracy every time you use the tools.

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