Makita Oscillating Multi-Tools

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Whether you're a construction professional or a DIY hobbyist, a Makita® oscillating multi-tool is a useful addition to your toolbox. With the right accessories, this device can sand, scrape, grind, cut and polish various materials. Backed by a quality guarantee, all Makita power tools are manufactured from the highest-quality materials so you know you'll have a tool that will last for years.
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Makita oscillating multi-tools are fantastic for jobs where you need to make small cuts or adjustments to a project but don't want to use a full-sized tool. These multi-tools are built to be convenient, and can be carried on a tool belt or in a pocket. These multi-tools are fantastic for reducing jobsite work time, and their range of applications includes cutting grout and drywall, sanding wood, and easily scraping small surfaces. Once you've finished smoothing a surface with a planer, Makita rotary tools can sand the surface down, preparing it for finishing with a Makita polisher.

While a Makita planer is an ideal tool for cutting irregular wooden boards to a uniform thickness you may find that the edges are a bit rough, Use a Makita rotary tool with a sanding attachment to smooth the surface down, preparing it for wood filler or a topcoat finish. These versatile tools can also be used to trim door and window casings and remove old paint from both wood and metal, preparing the surface for finishing with a Makita polisher.

Makita oscillating multi-tools have powerful motors with a soft-start feature for easy startup and smooth performance. With variable speed controls, it's easy to match the OPM to the job at hand and maintain a constant speed under any load. Reduced vibrations and a small diameter grip make handling the tools comfortable during long jobs. No matter your trade, Makita multi-tool kits will provide you with a versatile tool for years to come.
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