Makita Impact Drivers

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Maintenance and construction professionals need versatile tools such as Makita® impact drivers for a number of work environments. Likewise, home improvement enthusiasts appreciate the power of these tools for bigger home projects. Check out the number of Makita impact drivers for sale to make your next job go even faster and easier.
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Whether you're tightening or loosening a stubborn bolt, an impact driver can help. These handy tools send more power and torque to the driver than standard Makita drills , although these work well for everyday jobs.

Like many of the best impact drivers currently available, Makita embeds a reverse switch and variable speed control in the handle to give you optimal performance and accuracy on the job. Even smaller, compact drivers complete heavy-duty drilling and fastening tasks with features like all-metal gear drives and more rpm's to handle dense drilling surfaces and machine work. Makita impact drivers are both compact and lightweight, making them ideal for vertical and horizontal use. Most have an aluminum housing that's impact resistant to protect the motor and gears from dust and damage. Many Makita impact drivers also feature dual ball bearings to maximize tool life.

For more stubborn loosening or tightening tasks Makita impact wrenches deliver even more torque and speed than impact drivers. If you need repeated accuracy for jobs like decking, installing garage doors or framing, impact wrenches are a must. Look for features like side handles to make awkward angles more comfortable to handle.

Having the right Makita impact driver on hand is vital for most professional environments. Whether you're hanging drywall or installing a deck, these power tools deliver just the right amount of force. Choose from the complete range of Makita power tools to make sure you have the right equipment on hand for your next task.
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