Makita Hand Tools

About Makita Hand Tools
With these storage solutions and classic hand tools from Makita, you'll rarely meet a bolt you can't tighten or misplace your tape measure. Makita hand tools and their accessories combine functionality and durability from an industry leader you can trust.

Makita Wrenches
Makita manufactures a seemingly endless variety of wrenches. Need to put together that new crib for the nursery or install a replacement blade on your miter saw? There's a hex, or Allen, wrench for that. With their variety of depth profiles, Makita socket wrenches make tackling extra-long bolts, out-of-the-way bolts, and recessed fasteners a breeze. Makita's locknut wrench options can be used to secure a variety of tools to their accessories, such as fastening sanding discs to sanders and plates to plate joiners. If versatility's on order, a universal wrench that teams two wrench types into a single tool or that pairs a wrench head with another tool such as a screwdriver is a practical choice.

Makita Storage Bags, Buckets, and Cases
Makita also offers an assortment of storage bags, buckets, and cases. Contractor bags, guide bags, and tool holsters are made from sturdy industrial fabrics to ensure that they, and the hardware inside, hold up against the hard wear of the job site.

Tool Storage and Transport Options
The company's interlocking crates, meanwhile, offer a plethora of storage and transport options for your growing collection of tools. Available in several sizes, you can use a single crate on its own or securely link several units together for more storage and easy movement at home, at work, or between the two.

Why Buy Makita Hand Tools?
Founded by Mosaburo Makita in 1915, Makita has manufactured tools for over a century. After its expansion into power tools in 1958, the company promptly established itself as a pioneer in cordless tool innovation and development.