Makita Cordless Drills

Makita® has long been an innovator in battery-powered tools. The family of Makita cordless tools includes several drills that are at the forefront of construction and remodeling technology.
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The line of Makita cordless drills benefits from more than 100 years of Makita's advanced motor technology and its industry-leading battery designs that work hand-in-hand to deliver plenty of torque and long run-time performance. Products in Makita's cordless drill family, including Makita cordless hammer drills , drill/drivers, combo hammer-driver/drills and Makita right-angle drills, give you the power and ergonomics you need to get jobs done efficiently and comfortably.

All Makita drills run on motor gears and armature shafts made of high-quality steel. Electric conduction with premium-grade magnetic steel and copper enhance the flow of current. Many Makita cordless drills have 4-pole motors that generate maximum torque powered at four different locations, with bearings encased in a double housing for ultra-durability. Most of the Makita cordless drills are part of Makita's LXT Lithium-Ion 18V battery class, equipped with STAR Protection Computer Controls™ in which computer-chip communication between the motor and battery prevents tool overload and excessive battery discharge.

These drills deliver between 500 and 1,000 pounds of torque at variable speeds. They have all-metal gears for increased durability and boast XPT™ technology for ultra dust and water resistance. Makita cordless hammer drills and drill/drivers have either keyed or keyless 1/2-inch chucks. Most Makita right-angle drills have 3/8-inch chucks with angle-head heights of less than 3-1/2 inches to give them clearance in tight spaces. All Makita cordless drills have integrated LED work lights and rubberized soft grips for task visibility and comfort.

The name Makita has long been associated with cutting-edge battery-powered tools. Their current line of Makita cordless drills gives the name even more prestige with advancements that meet your professional demands even before you think of demanding them.
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