Makita Bench & Stationary Machinery Saws

When you need a quality tool that cleanly and crisply cuts wood and other materials, count on the full line of Makita bench and stationary saws for all of your carpentry and DIY needs. Makita is a company that is well known for its high-quality tools and equipment for professionals and homeowners alike, and this level of excellence extends to its saws. Whether it's Makita table saws, miter saws or chop saws, you'll find a product that meets your needs and helps you get your projects done with more efficiency in less time.
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For a more compact solution, consider Makita chop saws. These saws are more compact and can fit on a small table or work surface. Makita chop saws are ideal for cutting small and light items such as piping, tubing and channels. Despite their smaller overall size, they are still powerful and versatile enough to adapt to different types of projects and tasks.

Makita Miter saws offer more versatility for more complex projects by allowing you to cut materials at different angles. Makita miter saws are relatively compact, with many small enough to fit on a small table or work bench. A few models are designed to function as independent table saws for occasions when you need more power.

Makita table saws are designed specifically for professionals, especially carpenters and contractors who need maximum power and efficiency. Whether you are working on furniture, cabinets, flooring, counters or an overall remodeling project, table saws do not sacrifice any strength or features, therefore giving you a full set of features and options at your disposal.

Our selection of Makita saws are valuable tools to help you complete your tasks and projects. Whether it is for a hobby, a DIY home improvement project, or a large scale project for a company or contractor, Makita has the right saw to fit your needs.
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