Resources:    Temporary Lighting for Job Sites       

Brighten up your work area with the lighting options we have available. Adequate illumination while you work makes it easy to see your project, and it helps to reduce the strain on your eyes. Whether you need to see the small ticks on a tape measure or look at a larger area to ensure quality in your workmanship, brighter lights help to make the job easy. To get started, proper work lights are necessary.

Corded lights are suitable for areas that have electrical outlets. These work lights and accessories come in a variety of styles. Floor lights with LED bulbs work well in any area that requires floor-level or below-project lighting. Mounted floodlights make doing work easier in areas that are usually dark. Hanging lights are suitable for areas that only need temporary illumination. Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted lighting are good for dedicated workspaces like workshops.

When outlets aren't available, battery-operated lighting is a suitable option. These lights often feature LED bulbs that maximize the amount of light for the available power. Whether remodeling a house or fixing vehicles, our selection of battery-operated work lights help make seeing the job that much easier.

We understand that being able to see the project in front of you is important and keeping work lights in good working order is vital. One of the best ways to keep your lights working is to have replacement light bulbs on hand at all times. When simply changing the light bulb doesn't fix the problem, our electrical tools might help you to find the solution.

Finding the right lighting options starts with determining where and how you will use it. Once you decide on the right type of illumination, choosing additional light accessories is simple. With the proper lights and accessories available for your projects, you'll get those jobs done as easily as possible.

Acme Tools has a huge selection of flashlights, heavy equipment like light towers, generators, and other lighting accessories from some of the best brands including DeWalt, Milwaukee Tools, Magnum, Generac, and more.