Professionals rely on Lenox® tools because the manufacturer builds equipment that performs at the highest industrial standards. Lenox focuses on intricate design details and relies on a staff of experts for quality tool production.

Founded in 1915, the company started with hacksaw blades. Lenox developed quality blades that lasted longer and performed more effectively than competitor products. Since then, it has grown and Lenox hardware appears all over the world. The manufacturer boasts a 500,000 square foot facility in East Longmeadow, MA, where it produces hand tools, like pipe wrenches and cutting tools, band saw blades and power tool accessories.

These superior designs serve both professional and home users. Lenox hand tools offer a full range of functions, adding as much value to a home repair job as they do a busy shop. Lenox builds pipe wrenches and screwdrivers, and offers tool storage to keep everything organized. Lenox power tool accessories provide enormous value as well. From CIRCTECH™ jig saw blades, which include chip resistant teeth, to specialized drill bits that handle heavy loads, it builds a wide range of powerful accessories.

Using their century of experience, the engineers who build Lenox hardware focus their passion for excellence on the tools they make. Many Lenox tools offer extended lifespans, even with industrial use. T2™ Technology ensures that Lenox blades cut faster and thrive in tougher work environments. Even the CLASSIC PRO™ blades mitigate breakage. These blades use various metal compositions designed to maintain their form with rigorous motion, and the company's hand tools feature ergonomic designs to maximize comfort.

This company relies on a worldwide staff of more than 900 experts. It crafts quality products and serves industrial workers in more than 70 countries, all of whom rely on the highest quality tools available. Find the Lenox tools and hardware you need for your next project.