About Lenox Power Tool Accessories
The Lenox power tool accessories collection is a durable and reliable set that covers a range of usefulness. It includes not only blades and bits but also products for the maintenance of your tools such as lubricants. Products that enhance your existing collection, such as bit extensions, increase the number of jobs your tool collection is capable of.

Lenox backs their tools with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty, so quality is never an issue. And with such a variety of tools for both professional and household use, you’ll always have the right tool on hand.

Types of Lenox Power Tool Accessories
Lenox power tool accessories include quality blades, such as the standard rotating blades in a variety of sizes, from small blades to 14-inch blades and above. You can also find blades for niche tools such as the reciprocating saw blades.

Their drill bits sets are available in a wide variety of kits, along with the extensions you’ll need for specialty jobs. And if you’ve lost an individual bit, you’re covered with a collection of single bits.

Maintain your tools with the right lubrication. It’s available in bottles or bulk. For smaller jobs, you can take advantage of a convenient lubricating stick that can fit right into your pocket for jobs on the go. No matter your needs, Lenox allows you to be prepared for maintenance that’s right for your needs.

Why Buy Lenox Power Tool Accessories
Lenox tools are crafted with generations of experience. The company began in 1915 with industrial blades and moved to a wide range of tools and accessories to cover any job you might need. They’re made using premium materials meant to last a lifetime, and their construction ensures you always have the right tool for the job.