Lenox Plumbing Tools

About Lenox Plumbing Tools
Lenox has a long history of creating tools and has been crafting both industrial and personal tools since the early 1900s. Their knowledge and expertise extend to a range of different tool types, including plumbing tools.

Lenox plumbing tools are a heavy-duty option for those who need help with a range of jobs. Their rust-resistant construction and excellent balance offer performance that gets the job done. No matter what your plumbing issue, Lenox has a tool to help solve it.

Types of Lenox Plumbing Tools
Lenox plumbing tools offer two basic types of tools. Lenox wrenches are a durable and reliable option with good grip and excellent weight. The balance is just right for getting off tough bolts and connectors, even those long rusted together. Their heavy-duty cast iron pipe wrench is a dependable and trustworthy staple for plumbing jobs everywhere.

Lenox pipe and PEX cutters help make alterations and installations faster with durable and quick cutting tools. PEX cutters are a standard handheld grip while tube cutters feature an easy access U-shape with the option for several different sizes, including a set for really tight spaces.

Why Buy Lenox Plumbing Tools
Lenox plumbing tools are durable and precision-oriented. They make plumbing jobs and installations a lot faster and store quickly in Lenox storage kits. Their plumbing tools are heavy duty and well balanced for easy manipulation.

Cutting tools are well designed for clean cuts, even in small spaces. No matter what you need to happen with your plumbing, a Lenox plumbing tool can help get the job done right the first time. Their long history of tools, both industrial and personal use, gives them an edge in the design and construction of each type of hand tool.