About Laguna Bandsaws and Woodworking Tools
Since 1983 Laguna® has been one of the leading manufacturers of woodworking tools and equipment. Its mission is offering top quality woodworking solutions for your home and jobsite needs.

Laguna Tools For Workshops
Laguna designs tools especially for small workshop including: bandsaws, dust collectors, jointers, lathes, planers, sanders, shapers, table saws, CNC machines and workbenches. These products produce the same top quality results as machines for professional shops. Among other uses, these are excellent for shaping sports equipment, such as surfboards and skateboards.

Laguna Tools For Professionals
The Laguna also manufactures a tool line designed for commercial shops including: borers, combination machines, drill presses, edgebanders, mortisers and panel saws. These professional grade Laguna tools are high performance, high quality, and high accuracy products that ensure you’ll get the results that will impress clients.

Why Buy Laguna Tools?
Purchasing Laguna power tools means acquiring high quality tools that deliver precision results. Laguna tools deserve pride of place in your workshop because each one is well constructed, easy-to-use, and built to last. Whether you do woodworking for a hobby, have a small contracting business or run a commercial shop, Laguna tools has a solution for you. Shop Laguna Tools’ selection of woodworking tools at acmetools.com. At Acme Tools, we have largest selection of bench & stationary machines, power tools, cordless tools, woodworking tools, and more.