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65 HP Skid Steer Loader


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65 HP Skid Steer Loader

For earth, for life is much more than Kubota's brand statement; it's a mission to which we dedicate ourselves as a global company. We are committed to engineering excellence so that our customers can focus on planting, feeding, building and caring for our world. From investing in our communities and dealerships, to ensuring a broad range of high quality products through strategic partnerships, to employing America's best and brightest men and women, we never lose sight of our purpose: to engineer rewarding experiences, and help people achieve more.

  • See brochure for available optional features
  • Optional - sealed and pressurized cabin - the pressurized cab keeps out dust, flying debris, and insects so that you can work comfortably with fewer distractions. lower noise levels let you zerk long hours without fatigue.
  • Wide comfortable interior with fold down side bars that proved great wrist support and protect the operator.
  • Optimized air conditioning - optimized airflow through nine vents provides outstanding cooling and heating comfort throughout the year.
  • Kubota branded versatile attachments - including buckets with cutting edges or teeth, pallet forks, grapples, brooms, bale spears, Kubota tillers, augers, power rakes, snow blades, snow blowers and so many more.
  • Kubota engine!
  • Dial and foot throttle - the dial throttle is ideal for jobs that require a constant engine speed, such as cold planning, trenching, and snow blowing. the hand dial is conveniently lockstop let you change the engine speed setting while operating the levers.
  • Long reach and high bucket hinge pin height. Kubota's unique Versatool lift design of 32.7 In.. the tip of the arm is optimally shaped to provide an exceptionally high hinge-pin height of 121.5 In. for easier dumping into trucks and other lifting and dumping tasks.
  • High ground clearance - travel over large obstacles with ease, thanks to the high Underbed clearance of 7.6 In..
  • Excellent 360 degree visibility - the edges of the bucket can be seen from the seat. improved operability means greater safety on the job.
  • Suspension seat - wide and supportive, the SSV series suspension seat will keep you working comfortably for hours.
  • Wide cab with lots of extras - 36 In. between the side screens is the wides in the skid steer industry. easy effort sliding front door for maximum visibility and no interference with loader arms. bolt on grab handles that can be replaced without compromising ROPs integrity.
  • Cup holder - A cup holder under the right armrest conveniently holds drinks to quench your thirst while on the job.
  • Rugged loader arm design with long reach and high bucket hinge pin height - hinge pin location provides maximum clearance. auxiliary hydraulic lines routed through loader arm for added protection.
  • Tilt-up cabin - the cabin can be tilted 64 degrees without having to lift the arm, allowing easy access to the hydraulic pumps valves, lines and hydraulic
  • Door enclosed fuel tank and easy refill access - standard heavy duty rear door with no louvers or punch outs to protect fuel tank and other peripherals. more room in the engine compartment since the fuel tank is installed on the inside of a heavy duty rear door.
  • Top mounted radiator and oil cooler - easily removable top screen allows for easy cleaning. more access to daily service checks since radiator and oil cooler are out of the way.
  • Colling system and variable fan - allows for more efficient engine cooling. lessens noise levels.
  • Easy battery access - no Additional access panels to remove. easy to reach with jumper cables to jump start your other equipment.
  • Multi-function levers - the optional multi-function levers provide Inter-Lok control of all major vehicle and attachment operations, including the main hydraulic line and three electrical lines, letting you keep both hands on the levers at all times for optimal operating efficiency.
  • Standard two-speed travel - shift from low gear at 6.9 mph to high gear at 11.1 mph to get the job done faster.
  • Self-leveling function with Kubota shockless ride (KSR). the optional self-leveling function maintains the position of the Duckfoot or fork as the attachment is raised, eliminating the need to manually adjust the angle during this operation. KRS helps miniMongo fatigue by smoothing out the ride.
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