About Klein Wrenches
Upgrade your toolkit with reliable and affordable options. Wrenches are a staple of any toolbelt or toolbox, so find the latest in durable, convenient Klein wrenches today. Whether you’re working on your car, your furnace or a professional electrical job, find out how Klein wrenches help you get the job done.

Types of Klein Adjustable Wrench Set
A Klein Tools adjustable wrench set offers you a wide range of sizes for any project. These diverse wrenches have a curved head for maximum torque. Heat-treated alloy steel offers lightweight, convenient and rock-solid dependability. Klein Tools provides far more than adjustable wrenches. Take your pick from a range of adjustable wrenches, combination wrenches, erection wrenches and strap wrenches for professional performance on any project. Compare these common wrench types to find the best wrench for your project.

Klein Lineman Wrenches
A Klein lineman wrench is the perfect example of dynamic tools available for your toolkit. These wrenches offer powerful torque and convenient ratcheting for most applications but are designed for utility pole hardware and other lineman-specific projects. This professional wrench comes in 3/4-inch or 9/16-inch sizes, so you can power through any troublesome nuts or lag bolts as you work. While the lineman wrench may not be as versatile as other wrenches, it represents the top reasons for choosing Klein wrenches as a lineman.

Ratchet Wrenches from Klein Tools
Don’t settle for generic wrenches that don’t have the power you need. Pick up a Klein ratchet wrench today for lightning-fast repairs and installation of hardware. From HVAC installation to automotive repair, Klein Tools are reliable, affordable and versatile enough for the job. Shop for the best wrenches for DIY repairs and professional jobsites today. Search for wrenches that fit your project, offer comfortable grips and have the torque necessary to tighten or loosen stubborn lag bolts and nuts. Whether you need a single ratchet wrench or a complete erection wrench set, you’ll find them all online.