Klein Screwdrivers

About Klein Screwdrivers
When it comes to screwdrivers, the best option for electricians and other contractors is a quality set of Klein screwdrivers. These rugged, comfortable and versatile screwdrivers outperform the competition and keep you moving forward. Shop for individual screwdrivers complete sets to complete your personal or professional toolkit. Don’t settle for anything but the best screwdriver for the job.

Types of Klein Screwdrivers
Klein Tools are known for keeping electricians safe, comfortable and accomplishing quality projects efficiently. Klein screwdrivers insulated keep you safe from accidental electrical shock. A durable plastic handle is coated with rubber, which balances a comfortable grip and long-lasting protection. Shop for screwdrivers based on the head type, shaft length and special features, such as removable bits or multi-purpose screwdrivers.

Klein Phillips screwdrivers are perfect for installing light fixtures, repairing appliances or performing DIY home repairs. Select the length you need for a comfortable job. Extra-long Phillips screwdrivers are perfect for working in hard-to-reach areas, such as electrical panels and HVAC systems. Smaller screwdrivers are portable and perfect for traveling or emergency repair kit. If you aren’t sure what type of screwdriver you need for your particular project, invest in a multi-purpose screwdriver to quickly switch from Phillips to flathead and any other bit type.

Why Buy Klein Screwdrivers?
For a rugged and versatile screwdriver design, pick up a Klein flathead screwdriver to take on any project. From removing outlet covers to repairing appliances, a flathead screwdriver is a go-to option for any basic project. It’s another excellent option for your essential electrical and DIY toolkit. Find out why Klein Tools is a leader in quality, comfort and dependability. These screwdrivers and screwdriver sets come in all standard sizes, as well as some specialty options. They’re affordable enough for a homeowner’s repair kit, yet durable enough for a professional electrician or carpenter. Tackle your next installation or repair project with the confidence that comes from owning the right tools.