About Klein Pliers
Klein Tools has a longstanding reputation for making the best pliers designed for use by electricians and telecommunications professionals. There are up to 165 different types of Klein pliers with many designs for specialized applications, including classic Klein lineman pliers. Acme Tools makes it easy and affordable to get the right pair of pliers for any job.

Types of Klein Pliers
Search for new or replacement Klein pliers for sale by part number or browse the major categories of pliers on our online store. Whether you are looking for diagonal or side cutting pliers, long nose pliers, slip joint pliers or pump pliers, Acme Tools makes it easy to find the lowest prices on genuine Klein tools. From four-inch Midget pliers all the way up to insulated eight-inch long nose pliers, we have low prices on every size and style of pliers.

Different tasks call for different tools. Klein needle nose pliers can make it easier to reach into confined spaces to do detail-oriented work. Cutting pliers are useful for making clean cuts through materials such as aluminum-conductor steel-reinforced cable, pins, nails and hardened wire. Depending on the task at hand, you may prefer to use curved, diagonal or other specialized pliers. Pump pliers are useful for holding and gripping or turning nuts and bolts. Reach for a pair of Klein slip joint pliers when you need to hold a nut steady while loosening a screw or for bending, straightening or compression.

You may need one or more plier designs in your kit. Determine which types of pliers will be most useful and then select the right tool sizes and styles. In addition to checking the overall dimensions, it is also important to confirm that cutting edges and jaws are suitable for the task at hand. In addition to insulated pliers and telephone work pliers, we also sell general tools such as Klein spring-loaded all-purpose pliers.