About Klein Cutting Tools
Electricians and telecommunications professionals have preferred Klein cutting tools since the brand was founded in 1857. Acme Tools has a full selection of authentic Klein knives & scissors, snips & shears, reamers, taps and other specialized cutting tools at affordable prices. Replacement blades and cutting components are also available for specialized tools.

Types of Klein Cutting Tools
Search by part number or application to find the most useful cutting tool for any job. You can also browse a full selection of over 30 utility knives and more than 70 styles of scissors. Cutting tools range in price depending on the design, materials and any specialized features or functions.

Most electrician’s pocket knives feature wire stripping notches on the blade for ease of use in the field. The Klein knife 44217 pairs an electrician’s pocket knife with a number two Phillips screwdriver. Acme Tools also carries the Klein Tools cable skinning knife. You may want to determine which types of tasks can be performed with multipurpose cutting tools and which jobs call for dedicated designs.

Simplify reaming and tapping tasks with the right Klein tools. The handheld reamer features a built-in screwdriver for tightening conduit fittings, whereas the powered attachment is designed to fit on power drill chucks and quick-release adapters. Choose between triple or 6-in-1 tapping tools and use replacement taps to maintain the efficacy of these tools.

Why Buy Klein Cutting Tools?
The right Klein cutting tools make it possible to cut cleanly through bolts and reinforced cables. Depending on the application, you may prefer to use a heavy-duty or spring-loaded design. We also carry replacement cable cutter heads and blades to prolong tool usefulness.

It may also be possible to sharpen a variety of tools, such as the Klein cable knife, with the combination knife and scissors sharpener. Check to make sure that the component you want to sharpen is compatible before purchasing this accessory or attempting to sharpen authentic Klein blades.