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JET® woodworking tools include high-powered machinery that can handle production demands on a daily basis. The brand's equipment is durable and reliable while comfortable and easy to use. Each piece is capable of taking your material and helping to form it into something that you can be proud to call your own.

Jet woodworking equipment features a variety of different innovations to help you get precise results for a better overall final product. To help you aim your point, Jet woodworking drill presses feature XACTA-X™ lasers that show you precisely where the drill is going to contact the piece. The versatile line of Jet woodworking lathes is available in benchtop or freestanding versions so you can get the model that's just right for your available space. This manufacturer's higher-end lathes feature headstocks that pivot and slide for easier operation and better control.

Safety is paramount when you work, so make sure to check out Jet air filtration systems, which prevent particulates from getting in your eyes and face. This subset of Jet woodworking equipment consists of powerful units that can handle many hundreds of cubic feet of air per minute to keep everything circulating well. The models are easy to install since you only have to hang them from the ceiling. Other Jet woodworking accessories include its line of heavy-duty Jet clamps that hold pieces together while glue cures or allows you to use both hands for cutting and screwing. You can also pick up individual casters or wheeled bases that allow you to set up and move your shop whenever you need.

Jet woodworking tools are built to last, even under the heavy-duty demands of commercial shops. Many come with the company's Red Assurance coverage for five years from the date of purchase and are covered by Jet's extensive distributor network. Browse our excellent selection to find the Jet woodworking equipment that you need for your workshop.