JET® tools include a broad line up of saws for both metal and woodworking. These versatile Jet saws include a selection of horizontal, mitering and vertical bandsaws, cold saws and a variety of sawing accessories.

Most Jet metalworking saws are constructed of cast iron and other durable materials. Choose from both manual and semi-automatic horizontal bandsaws that allow you to control the hydraulic downfeed rate and blade speed for precision cuts. Many of these saws include wider and higher stands for comfort and large infeed table assemblies for a larger support area. They are also packed with features that often exceed customer expectations, such as multi-position blade guides for increased safety, flanged cast iron blade wheels for durability and auto shut off.

The line up of Jet mitering bandsaws also includes horizontal and vertical models. Some also feature a swivel head where the head moves up to 45 degrees and the base stays in one place. This unique design allows you to make accurate miters and crosscuts without having to move the piece you're working on. Some vertical bandsaws can cut metal, wood and a variety of other materials for increased versatility in the machine shop. Other features found in many Jet mitering bandsaws include swing-away control panels, variable speed drive systems for fine tuning the blade speed, adjustable hydraulic downfeed systems and overload protection.

Available in both floor and bench models, Jet cold saws are ideal for making burr-free cuts and miters without generating heat or sparks. These saws include well-known Jet design characteristics, and all models have a built-in coolant system to keep them running optimally. Common features found on these Jet cold saws include adjustable depth stops for repetitive cuts, spring loaded trigger switches to increase user safety and two-piece cast iron blade guards for fast blade changes.

Browse our selection of Jet saws when preparing for your next project. Regardless of whether you need a mitering horizontal, a vertical bandsaw or a cold saw, you'll find the ideal tool for the job.