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JET® mortisers are the ideal tool when the job calls for precise and intricate detail work. Whether you are a professional craftsman or are an avid do-it-yourself home hobbyist who is working on a project that requires precision, such as cutting the mortises involved in the door-making process, Jet woodworking tools are built from a combination of heavy-duty cast iron and steel to withstand years of use.
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A mortise machine is ideal for furniture makers who make numerous mortise cuts every day to create beautiful furniture pieces. As part of the complete lineup of Jet tools, these mortisers help you achieve professional results through innovative features such as a rack-and-pinion head adjustment you can depend on for accurate positioning and control. Three-jaw drill chucks ensure accuracy by providing a secure grip on a variety of bits, including mortising bits with shanks up to 3/8 inch in diameter, to maximize stability.

Commonly, woodworking drill presses are used to cut mortises, and while they do an excellent job, bench top mortisers allow you to free up the drill press for other projects and dedicates a machine solely to the function of cutting mortises. Having bench top equipment also provides the opportunity to set up the tool for repeat cuts with consistent accuracy. No matter where you choose to work, the convenient size of bench top models allows you to position it on a variety of surfaces in the shop. Alternatively, choose an independent stand from the selection of Jet woodworking accessories to house the machine for even more versatility.

Removable on/off toggle switches help to promote safety in the workshop and ensure only authorized users can operate the equipment; whether you are working in a home environment or a commercial or industrial setting, this feature can prove to be invaluable in preventing costly accidents. Browse the collection of mortising machines that include bench top models to find the right solution for your workshop.
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