JET Metalworking Turning

JET® metalworking tools are industrial-grade machines with a reputation for their sharp cutting edges and the precision of their operating mechanisms to make all phases of metalworking more efficient, accurate and safe. Jet metalworking turning tools consist of machine-engineered lathes that have exacting tolerances and provide vibration-free operation so that metalworkers can machine both dense and soft-metal cylinders to precise dimensions.

Jet lathes come in sizes ranging from 20 to 120 inches between centers. They have full computer-controlled capabilities with Anilam programming for line, arc and canned specs. All Jet metalworking turning tools have precision-ground spindles that rotate against machine-engineered roller bearings to keep spindle spin precise and true. Each lathe has multi-speed capacity, most with 12 speed settings that you can change on the fly. You can equip these lathes with Jet turning accessories that consist of collet closers, taper attachments, tool rests and other attachments.

Jet offers four broad classes of turning tools. Jet's large spindle-bore lathes have a clutch mechanism in the headstock so that spindle speed can be adjusted without powering down the motor. These Jet metalworking turning tools have spindle bores of either 3-1/8 or 4-1/8 inches, with spindles that ride precisely on combined tapered and ball bearings. Jet turning tools also consist of geared-head engine lathes that come in variable swing-over and swing-through sizes, with adjustable carriage slides that minimize kickback and enhance turning precision. Two other classes of Jet lathes include geared-head and belt-drive bench lathes. Geared-head bench lathes feature headstocks and gearboxes with annealed and precision-ground gears to enhance their durability, plus precision-enhancing, adjustable carriage slides. Jet belt-drive bench lathes feature a lubricated, totally enclosed headstock and a machine-engineered V-way bed to provide nesting stability for turning.

Jet metalworking turning tools and their accessories are just one line of Jet tools that professionals rely on for accuracy and efficiency. When metalworking professionals need a tool for machining metal pistons, cams or cylinders, they turn to Jet lathes for the ultimate in precision and durability.