JET® grinding and finishing tools help you smooth, sharpen and polish metal surfaces. With adjustable speeds and your choice of grit, these machines have the features you need for all sorts of tasks.

When one device combines several distinct functions into a single tool, it saves space around your shop. That's the case with Jet belt sanders and grinders. These machines feature adjustable belts and discs that operate at any angle, so you can support stock while you work. Many Jet belt sanders and grinders come with miter gauges and other accessories to maintain consistent results. These tools often come with their own support stands, which frees your workbench for other jobs.

There are plenty of other options for grinding and finishing as well. There are Jet bench grinders for all sorts of jobs. These tools have two wheels with different grits for different tasks. Their guards protect you from sparks, and their tool rests support materials while you work. Jet bench grinders have drilled bases that connect to benches and stands for stability. This keeps them in place when you add pressure from tools or stock.

For even more control, you can finish surfaces with Jet disc grinders. Unlike bench grinders, which use the edges of their wheels to grind materials, these have flat discs that cover larger surfaces. These Jet grinding and finishing machines work with all sorts of stock. Each of these machines produces fine shavings around your work area, and it helps to have Jet metalworking dust collectors for cleanup. These units connect with other machines and run while you work. They're built for industrial environments, so they stand up to all of the toughest jobs.

Jet grinding and finishing tools manipulate the surface of your materials. Whether you need to remove burrs or revitalize the edges of a blade, you can ensure consistent results with these versatile machines.