JET® shears are an integral part of the metal fabrication process that requires an entire Jet line of tools for sawing, drilling, milling, turning and grinding metal. The shears cut metal sheets to length so they can be fabricated into utility products. Jet cutting tools consist of pneumatic and foot shears that are companion pieces to Jet brakes, slip rolls, presses, benders and hand notchers that comprise the forming phase of the metalworking process. Both types are effective on steel, aluminum, brass, copper and zinc. Multi upper-blade configurations on Jet shears prolong their cutting life, and their cast-iron frames ensure their durability and stability for years.

Jet pneumatic shears have a low cutting angle which helps to stop the material from twisting. The pneumatic control system features a fully aligned beam and bed, and the bed is adjustable for precision cuts. Most Jet pneumatic shears cut at about 40 strokes a minute, providing smooth, nonburred edges. Jet foot shears feature hardened, tempered stainless steel cutting blades that provide accurate, clean edges. Adjustable rear depth gauges ensure every cut is precise. These shears also feature an adjustable hold-down clamp to keep material in place and compound leverage for ease of use. Both the Jet foot shears and pneumatic shears are often used alongside Jet hand notchers, which metalworkers often use to cut grooves and notches in sheets before bending or folding them into fabricated pieces.

Jet shears are invaluable tools that are usually an integral first step in the metal-forming process. Sheared sheet metal can be shaped into tubes or cylinders with Jet slip rolls, or it can be bent or shaped into gutters, ductwork and utility pieces with Jet brakes. Use these shears to ensure that pre-fabricated sheets of metal are cut cleanly and accurately for subsequent fabrication work.