Irwin Wrenches

IRWIN® wrenches put precise gripping and turning power into your hands. Use adjustable wrenches to install or remove hex bolts and nuts or other fasteners and pipe wrenches to handle any pipe-fitting task. Irwin makes its adjustable wrenches and pipe wrenches from materials such as chrome vanadium steel, cast iron and cast aluminum, so they're durable and corrosion resistant. Like all Irwin hand tools, Irwin wrenches have a limited lifetime warranty.
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Combining the flexibility of adjustable jaws with built-in English and metric measurement scales, Irwin adjustable wrenches are an excellent choice for working with nuts, bolts and other fasteners. These products feature ProTouch™ grips, comfortable handles that reduce hand fatigue and provide superior tool control. Irwin adjustable wrenches come in a range of sizes, from pocket-sized 6-inch wrenches to heavy-duty, 24-inch wrenches that can take on fasteners up to 2-4/5 inches in size. These tools also have hook holes, so they're easy to store on the wall when you're not using them or for attaching a drop protection lanyard.

There are several kinds of Irwin pipe wrenches available. Traditional cast iron pipe wrenches are ideal for general pipe fitting while cast aluminum pipe wrenches offer similar performance in a lighter package. Both cast iron and cast aluminum Irwin pipe wrenches have easy-spin adjusting nuts, sturdy, easy-to-grip I-beam handles and hardened teeth that provide excellent bite. They also have a flat head designed for easy hammering to deal with stuck fittings. To handle smaller jobs in tight spaces, Irwin's quick adjusting pipe wrench offers convenient one-handed operation. All Irwin pipe wrenches have drop-forged jaws that resist breakage and distortion.

Use Irwin wrenches to take care of any fastener and fitting installation task. These products offer the precision needed to work with machined components and the power to deal with stubborn or stuck parts. Explore our selection of Irwin wrenches and expand your tool collection.

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