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Irwin tools® is a classic American success story. The company started over a hundred years ago when they received a patent for a revolutionary Auger bit, in 1885. Some 40 years later another American inventor received the patent on his Vise-Grip® and these two citizens, joined forces to develop the company. Irwin tools prides itself on its innovative capacity to develop the tools that professional craftspeople and DIY enthusiasts need to improve their performance.

We carry a range of Irwin hand tools that include, pliers, screwdrivers, chisels and saws including the Quick-Grip® and Speedbor® brands. Tools for marking, measuring and levelling with well-known names such as Marples® and Hanson®, along with Irwin clamps and IRWIN® wrenches.

All Irwin tools are backed by a sound guarantee that you can depend on. The company works with the highest quality materials available, and Irwin tools have built a solid reputation as one of the leading tool manufacturers in the U.S.A. They have always placed the customer as their prime concern, and user safety and comfort plays a large part in all of the companies products. In the Irwin apparel range, you will find Irwin gloves designed not only to protect your hands, but also to give you a better grip on your tools to get the job done better.

Professional electricians know that valuable time can be lost on the job searching for the correct tool and that the right equipment can make all the difference in completing a job on time. Irwin electrical tools include a multipurpose tool which cuts, crimps, grips and strips wires of different gauges quickly, easily and safely, and is a must in any electrician's toolbox.

If you are fed up with looking for tools, treat yourself to a handy tool box from Irwin tools to keep everything in order and an innovative multi pocket belt to keep those tools you are using close at hand.