Irwin Cutting Tools

IRWIN® cutting tools give you the edges you need to cut almost anything. Whether you need a multi-purpose tool that folds up for transport or a flexible saw that creates flush cuts, you can find what you need right here.
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Small and intricate projects benefit from Irwin utility knives, which have thin blades for precise cuts. Their compact bodies fit in your pocket for transport, and the blades slide back on many models to prevent accidental cuts. Best of all, these tools work with Irwin cutting tool blades to revitalize performance. All edges dull over time, but you can restore a utility knife's performance with a sharp new blade. These Irwin cutting tools have comfortable grips and their angled edges don't need much pressure to slice through thin materials. Larger projects may require the longer range of an Irwin hand saw. These tools cut deeper than utility knives and provide enough flexibility for tight spaces. Irwin hand saws feature various tooth styles and have different ways of removing material while you cut.

While larger Irwin cutting tools may help with general carpentry, sometimes you need sharp jaws to do the job right. Wires, cables and fasteners require specialized jaws for cutting, and Irwin snips simplify these tasks. Snips use leverage to create pressure, and their sharp edges quickly slice through metal. These Irwin cutting tools also extend your reach. Snips fit inside tight spaces, beyond the reach of your saw. These hand tools often feature ProTouch™ grips to minimize discomfort while you work, and they often feature anti-pinch designs to keep your hands safe. Like utility knives, these hand tools require minimal effort for transport. Some of them have built-in slots to connect with a lanyard.

No matter what style or length of material you work with, Irwin cutting tools can help with the job. Find the edge you need right here.

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