Designed for use under harsh conditions, Husqvarna® construction saws are backed by the company's reputation for producing high-quality, durable equipment. They also make use of customer feedback to optimize their designs. Each saw includes a variety of features to customize the tool to your job site's needs. These features include lightweight and easy-to-use construction, and technologies like DuraStarter™, a dust-sealed starter that's almost maintenance free. Husqvarna saws are as efficient as possible, with productivity-maximizing designs that strike a balance between power and usability.

The line of construction power cutters provides a selection of powerful handheld cutting tools for any work site. These Husqvarna power cutters feature lightweight designs that are suitable for any job, with the power needed to finish the most demanding work. Low-vibration technology reduces operation fatigue while you cut. The saw design is highly adaptable, able to adjust for cutting through asphalt and concrete, as well as walls and doors.

Suited to cutting through harder surfaces over a wider area, Husqvarna walk-behind saws provide a powerful weighted motor and blade for bulky construction work. A wide range of sizes and shapes suit these Husqvarna construction saws to a large range of floor work, whether you're tearing out a small concrete section or maintaining a stretch of highway. Intelligent blade-shaft systems give some of these saws maintenance-free designs, guaranteeing a 250-hour maintenance-free minimum, and eliminating the need for daily bearing greasings. Many of these saws feature Soff-Cut® technology, allowing you to begin cutting before the concrete is fully cured.

By utilizing revolutionary cart-and-rail and water containment systems, Husqvarna tile saws provide your work site with precision cutting through difficult materials. Easily transportable designs allow for various tool applications around a job site, and Husqvarna's Jet Stream Water Containment System keeps your job site clean. These Husqvarna tile saws also have a longer tabled cutting length for maximizing productivity.

Whatever the cutting purpose, Husqvarna provides a high-quality saw to finish the job. With industry-leading features and a company-backed productivity guarantee, Husqvarna construction saws give you the adaptive power to complete any work.