About Hultafors
Hultafors, combined with Hultafors Group, offer reliable hand tools for tradespeople around the world. To provide the best user experience while measuring, marking, cutting, striking, and leveling, Hultafors continuously develops new products. The hand tool collection offers folding rules, Claw Hammers, Wrecking Bars, Talmeter Tape Measures, and much more.

Hultafors Axes
Hults Bruk hand forges every ax in Sweden. All axes are made of Swedish quality steel and feature a wooden handle with American hickory. Hultafors carries Wetterhall Throwing Axes, Hult Splitting Axes, Felling Axes, Hultafors Hultan Trekking Axes, Ekelund Hunting Axes, Hatchets, and more.

Hultafors Knives and Blades
To match craftsman's needs, Hultafors develops Utility Knives, Outdoor Knives, Snap-Off Knives, double holsters, and many other blades. The knives are designed with safety, comfort, and control in mind. Cutting edges are sharpened in several stages, providing extra precision. Do Your Best Work on tough tasks with the expansive assortment of heavy duty blades.

Hultafors Measuring Tools
Hultafors marking measures are designed to make your workday more efficient. The range of marking tools consist of pencils, markers, and other tools to assist professionals. Reduce the number of errors on the jobsite with Hultafors short and long range tape measures. For horizontal and vertical leveling, shop crush-proof Spirit Levels. The durable levels offer impressive measurement and sensitivity.

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