Helly Hansen® has been making jackets and coats since 1877. Over the past century and a half, they have never stopped innovating and improving their products. The result today is a line of pioneering high-performance cold weather gear that combines cutting edge heat conserving technology with unparalleled breathability. Work comfortable in any weather with Helly Hansen apparel.

Helly Hansen jackets and coats have come a long way since the oil skins of the 19th century. With integrated PVC waterproofing layers, rugged outer fabric, and warm, breathable under layers, these jackets comprise a complete cold weather system. Stay active in even the most frigid conditions, without worrying about sweating or overheating, thanks to Helly Hansen's Helly Tech technology.

A company, which began as a supplier for sailors is bound to know a thing or two about the rain. Helly Hansen rain gear isn't just waterproof; it's windproof as well. The seams are sealed all the way around, so no water will get in, and even the zippers are designed to keep you warm and dry. No matter how rough the weather gets, Helly Hansen will help you work through it.

Helly Hansen coveralls and bibs are perfect for working in the coldest and wettest conditions. By combining these durable garments with a Helly Hansen jacket, you can be sure that no part of you is exposed to the elements, leaving you free to concentrate on the task at hand. Throw on a pair of sturdy, waterproof boots, and you'll be ready for anything.

When working outdoors in harsh weather, you want to be free to concentrate on your job, not the temperature. Helly Hansen's line of sturdy, all-weather garments help you focus on what's important: getting the job done so that you can get back inside.