Heating, Cooling, & Insulation

Heating Cooling and Insulation

Climate control is crucial for painting, carpet cleaning, and heat-sensitive equipment, as well as comfort at home.We stock a wide range of heating and cooling equipment, as well as thermometers and other test and measurement tools to monitor your house, workplace or jobsite.

You can use heating equipment both indoor and outdoors, so it's important to consider your needs. Propane tank top radiators are great for outdoor use and can keep you warm, even on cold, breezy days. Our heating and cooling products use a range of fuels, giving you the option to use electricity, kerosene, or propane. Hybrid propane/electric heaters are both economical and practical with the fan being run by electricity while the heating element is powered by propane.

Upgrading your thermostat is an ideal way to keep your heating and cooling units running in the optimum range. We offer simple, easy to install thermostats that work with most baseboard mounted heaters. If you work with heat-sensitive equipment, a remote thermostat is a great choice. You can operate and monitor it from outside, ensuring your heating and cooling system works, even when you aren't in the room.

Our wide range of powerful cooling fans and blowers can perform in an office, home, or jobsite. A powerful drum fan is a crucial heating and cooling supply for large machine workshops, and a great way to keep your family room cool on hot days. We sell OSHA certified fan with fan blades large enough to cool and ventilate huge rooms. We also stock battery-powered fans that will keep the breeze moving on battery power at remote jobsites or family outings.

Keep your crew, family, or friends happy with climate control. Whether you want to heat a small room or ventilate a machine shop, we have the heating and cooling products to meet your needs.