Hart Landscaping Tools

About Hart Landscaping Tools
Hart is a brand that got its starts thanks to quality framing hammers. The brand has extended its product selection and is now making landscaping tools. You will get the same kind of high-quality build and performance with these landscaping tools than you would with Hart hammers.

Hart offers a wide selection of picks, mattocks, hatchets, and axes. You can use these tools to cut lumber, work with heavy soil, and shape a landscape.

Type of Landscaping Tools from Hart
There are two main categories of Hart landscaping tools:

The 3.5 Lb Axe is a versatile and reliable striking tool. It features face cutouts to prevent the tool from getting stuck in lumber. The forged head and comfortable grip absorb impact and maximize striking power.

If you need a smaller tool, the 20 Oz Hatchet with Cover is worth considering. It’s the perfect tool for cutting smaller pieces of lumber or removing material from a surface. It’s lightweight, versatile, and easy to use.

Hart makes a 1.5 Lb Mini Mattock with Power Fin and Offset Pick that is perfect for working with heavy soil. The offset pick design is ideal for digging in tough materials, and the fiberglass handle will improve your striking power.

The 5 Lb Mattock with Power Fin and Offset Pick has a similar design. It’s a heavy-duty tool that will come in handy for large landscaping projects.

Why Buy Hart Landscaping Tools?
Landscaping tools should be rugged and durable. Hart has been making striking tools since the early 80s and has perfected their manufacturing techniques.

Hart is an excellent choice for landscaping tools since there is a good selection of axes, hatchets, picks, and other tools adapted to a wide range of landscaping jobs. The brand also offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its products.