Hart Hammers & Mallets

About Hart Hammers and Mallets
Hart hammers and mallets are quality tools that stand out thanks to their forged construction. These hammers and mallets are perfect choices if you are looking for balanced tools that help you achieve precise results while maximizing impact.

Hart offers a wide selection of hammers and mallets with different designs, features, and weights. There is a hammer or mallet for every job.

Hart started manufacturing hammers in the early 80s. These products helped Hart become a successful tool brand, and the brand has improved and refined its designs and manufacturing process over the years to deliver high-quality hammers.

Types of Hart Hammers and Mallets
Hart offers hammers and mallets in two main product categories. You can shop for Hart Claw Hammers or browse Hart Sledgehammers for jobs that require heavy-duty tools.

Claw hammers have a smaller construction and weigh less. These tools help you achieve precise results.

You will find different designs like the 20 Oz Smooth Face Steel Hammer. It’s a product with a design that emphasizes precision. The angled face of the hammer helps you drive nails in more effectively.

The 21 Oz Steel Framing Hammer combines the advantages of a lightweight design with the design of a precision tool.

Hart offers versatile heavy-duty tools like the 3 lb. Club Drilling Hammer. This sledgehammer comes with an anti-vibration feature and features a design that maximizes strength and power on impact.

Hart also makes sledgehammers with a more traditional design like the 8 lb. PowerStrike Sledge with Fiberglass Handle.

Why Buy Hart Hammers and Mallets?
Hart is an excellent choice for hammers and mallets because the brand knows how to make balanced tools. The angle of the hammers and mallets helps you get optimal results, and these tools come with convenient features like anti-vibration handles or a design that helps you remove nails easily.

The forged head of the tools improve durability and reliability, and Hart offers a lifetime warranty on these tools.