Grip Rite® was founded in 1975, and quickly became the most popular supplier of fasteners in the United States. Since then, they've expanded their offerings to include an incredible selection of fastening hardware, power tools, compressors and more. When it comes to framing and construction, this company has a solution to nearly any challenge.

Grip Rite nails are, of course, the heart of their brand. The company offers fasteners for every job and every material. Whether you're securing roofing with their collated nails, joining metal with a modified truss screw or putting up chicken wire with poultry net staples, Grip Rite's got your back. Their fasteners are guaranteed to hold fast, and their PrimeGuard MAX™ stainless steel fasteners come with a lifetime all-weather guarantee.

A good fastener isn't worth much without a way to fasten it. That's why Grip Rite pneumatic tools are specially designed to work with their fasteners. The company offers their own tools, fittings and air hoses so that you can assemble a complete fastening system. Grip Rite air compressors come in a large selection of sizes and power levels, so you can choose the one that is perfect for your needs.

Concrete construction is an entirely different challenge from wood framing, and Grip Rite concrete tools can help you tackle it. Use their rugged wire cutting and bending tools to secure rebar, or choose their revolutionary PROLOK® rebar chairs and eliminate tie wire altogether, saving time and effort. Create strong foundations fast with Grip Rite concrete hardware.

Grip Rite may have started out as just a fastener supplier, but they've become so much more. Today, this is a company you can rely on for every step of your construction job. Choose Grip Rite, and rest assured that the building you create has the sturdiest possible foundation.