Greenlee Hand Tools

GREENLEE® hand tools include handle-leveraged bolt cutters and several lines of Greenlee tool sets that contain all equipment required for electrical wire finishing, including leveling runs and boxes; drilling and cutting holes for cable and wire runs; and even making color-coded copper connections.
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A mainstay of Greenlee electrical hand tools are Greenlee bolt cutters. Featuring handle lengths of 14 to 42 inches, they offer the precise cutting-force leverage you need to get through any cable or wire gauge, wrapped in any material. These bolt cutters come in different cutting configurations, including center and offset. They're made with forged steel blades, and many are Clevis-mounted for added cutting strength. The cutters have custom rubber grips for greater stability and leverage. The blades on the Greenlee bolt cutters also have a cam-bolt adjuster that aligns them easily against materials.

Greenlee hand tools also include mini and torpedo levels that let technicians install runs, conduits and boxes at all standard angles, including level, 30, 45, and 90 degrees. They also have earth magnets for precision leveling on metal surfaces. Greenlee levels have open-ported, double-side vial bubbles and a V-groove to hold round conduit and pipe. They are machined from aluminum alloys that are then anodized for absolute warp-resistance.

Another type of Greenlee electrical hand tool is the electrician's kit. These sets come complete with all wire finishing tools necessary, including strippers and crimpers; needle nose and cutting pliers; screwdrivers and tape measures; and levels. Other tool sets include die sets for preparing color-coded copper connections on wiring. Housed in a metal carrying case with mold-injected mountings, these sets include flexible drill bits for off-center hole cutting through studs and joists and carbide cutters to prepare conduit holes through stainless and plate steel.

Greenlee hand tools are essential to the work of installers and electricians and should be on-site at all residential, commercial and industrial wiring jobs. Their versatility, strength and ease of operation make them the smart choice for cable and electric installers.
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