GREENLEE® electrical tools cover a broad range of instruments and equipment that residential, commercial and industrial electricians rely on. The line up includes Greenlee cable cutters, pullers, splitters, fishing tape, multimeters, fluorescent testers, conduit benders, knockout and stud punches and wire caddies. All these electrical wiring tools are backed by the company's full ISO 9001 Certification for quality management.

Heavy-duty Greenlee cable pullers include industrial-grade Tuggers™ that have both high-speed, low-load pulling and low-speed, high-load pulling capacities. These pullers can handle between 1,000 and 10,000 pounds of cable bundles. Many of these tools are accompanied by motorized cable feeders and booms to keep heavy cable bundles elevated during pulling operations.

Greenlee electrical hand tools include cable cutters and conduit benders. The cutters have precision-ground blades that can easily cut through aluminum and copper cables of standard gauges. Benders include table-mounted EMT offset benders with a one-step operation, as well as power benders; some are programmable, and some use hydraulic pumps, with die-cast aluminum or iron alloy heads and steel handles to shape EMT or schedule 40 conduits up to 2 inches in diameter. Knock-out punches consist of hydraulic drivers with dies and draw studs for 1/2 to 4-inch conduit, as well as ratcheting punches with ball-bearing heads for 16 to 10-gauge wire.

Greenlee electrical wiring tools also include testing equipment, such as multimeters and Greenlee fluorescent lighting with both digital light meters for measuring tube output and gas-lamp testers to check ballast continuity. Multimeters include digital volt-ohm meters that test electrical continuity plus capacitance and temperature, featuring AutoZone™ detection, audible and visible alerts and a back-lit LCD display.

When you need to work with any wiring and cable, whether preparing it, manipulating it, testing it or giving it a way to provide power or signals in the home or workplace, trust Greenlee electrical tools for doing the job quickly, efficiently and effectively.