More than 100 years ago, Greenlee began as a family-owned woodworking supply company. Over the intervening years, the company has grown significantly, and for the past 70 years it has been a respected supplier of professional grade electrical installation equipment. From cutting holes to bending conduit to threading wire, there's no task that Greenlee electrical tools can't handle.

We offer Greenlee electrical tools for every step of the wiring and installation process. These tools are light and portable, yet rugged enough to stand up to the tests of the job site. Every cable cutter, bolt cutter and drill is designed with a small profile and ergonomic grip, to allow easy maneuvering inside walls and drop ceilings. All the cutting tools you'll find in this section also come with heavy-duty blades, which will make clean, quick cuts every time.

Move around the job site with the help of Greenlee cordless tools. Their long battery life and high performance will help you get the job done. Greenlee conduit benders are ideal for jobs of any size, with manual and mechanized models available. When you're working in a large building, you'll be grateful for the portability of these high-quality tools.

Greenlee hand tools are simply well built. They have the ideal lighting solutions for working in an un-wired building. Their drivers are built to last and well insulated for your safety. Every cutting edge is made of hardened steel to keep it cutting true time after time. For drilling holes and more, be sure to check out our selection of Greenlee power tool accessories, specifically designed for the challenges of professional electrical work.

When working with electricity, it's important to have tools you can trust. For over half a century, Greenlee has staked its reputation on providing the best electrical tools for the job. To take your work to the next level of professionalism and safety, consider Greenlee.