Bring scientific precision to your projects with Freud blades and router bits. The company's saw blades are manufactured with an eye for quality, with specialized designs available for all kinds of materials. They also manufacture a wide variety of router bits, so whether you are an artisan joiner or a high-volume cabinet-maker, you can rely on Freud from your first cut to your last.

The teeth of Freud blades are specially designed to minimize tearout and leave cut surfaces looking clean. Install an all-purpose saw blade in a table saw to easily make long, precise cuts in everything from sheet goods to hardwood lumber. For construction projects where you will be cutting a large amount of a certain material, Freud also has a line of material-specific blades that minimize dust and friction.

Freud router bits and accessories are ideal for fine joinery and cabinetry. When building strong joints, for example, dovetail bits are a welcome alternative to chiseling dovetails by hand. Once the joints are secure, put the finishing touches on a fine piece of furniture with Freud edge-forming bits. Each bit's Perma-SHIELD® nonstick coating keeps it from heating up, distorting or scorching the wood.

For specific projects, it choose from one of the many Freud router bit sets. Each set comes packaged in a beautiful wood and plastic case to complement the other artisan tools in a working shop. Larger sets are also available, for more general-purpose applications.

When shopping for Freud blades, keep in mind what materials you will most often be cutting, and purchase blades designed for those materials. You can buy router bits as needed or purchase a larger set to assure you always have what the job requires. Whatever your needs, if precision and durability are important to you, you'll find that Freud is a name you can trust.