About Fluke Corporation
Fluke Corporation is a well-known brand in the HVAC, automotive, and electrical industries, and they produce a wide range of test tools and accessories. The company produces a wide variety of multimeters and accessories. Many of the company’s multimers feature VoltAlert technology so you can detect volts without having to make contact, as well as AutoVolt technology with automatic AC/DC voltage selection. Fluke multimeters also provide benefits such as optional magnetic hangers for hands-free operation, expansive white LED backlights that light dim areas, and measurements up to 10A. Fluke equipment also reduces ghost voltage, or false readings. Fluke multimeters are manufactured for a wide range of industries, and all its multimeters are CATIII-600V safety rated.

Benefits of RMS Technology
Capable of finding even the smallest problems, the True RMS Electronics Logging Multimeter is for the most demanding of users. It is designed specifically for plant environments, and its high-performance industrial logging abilities help users solve complex power distribution, electro-mechanical, plant, and electronics problems. Fluke multimeters have the power to log data and present it graphically on-screen, allowing users to minimize downtime and solve problems faster. Fluke multimeters also allow you to name your saved measurements and recall field measurements. If you need additional Fluke Networks tools, you may want to consider purchasing a Fluke combo kit. The combo kit includes a multimeter, silicone test leads, test probes, long-reach alligator clips, magnet and strap, and so much more.

The Fluke Corporation understands you need test tools that can handle almost any job, and that is why the tools in our combo kits are manufactured to the highest standards possible and ideal for HVAC professionals and electricians. The magnetic hanger kit allows easy setup while allowing you to keep your hands free for other tasks. The multimeter also features a bright, large-digit display so you can easily read your measurements.

Compare Fluke Products to Other Brands
Comparable to Raytek calibrators and thermal imaging products, Fluke tools offer the same power quality and electrical safety features.

Check out other test tools and accessories from Fluke Corporation including test leads & probes, thermometers, testers, clampmeters, hand tools, carrying cases, and more.