FISKARS® offers everything from simple hand tools to lawn mowers to satisfy your lawn and garden needs. Homeowners and lawn-care specialists use these tools for basic gardening purposes, fencing projects, trimming trees, lawn maintenance and lawn clean-up.

Gardens need various tools to keep them maintained. With patented Powergear® or Power-Lever® mechanisms, Fiskars cutting and pruning tools make it easy to cut branches and weeds. The replaceable, hardened-steel blades can handle thick shrubs, bushes and more. These tools have ergonomic handles made of steel for longevity. Various sizes are available for different cutting and pruning needs. Complement these cutting tools with containers to throw away and manage your clippings.

High-quality Fiskars shovels and spades feature a lifetime warranty. These powder-coated steel tools are rust resistant and available with straight or D-grip handles. Hand trowel and transplanter spades are for more precise digging, with a soft-grip handle for comfort. These spades feature serrated aluminum-made heads that easily penetrate dirt and have graduation marks for measuring depth when planting.

Fiskars garden tools also consist of construction and destruction tools. For wood fencing or shed-building projects, check out Fiskars hammers and striking tools. There are basic finishing hammers for lightweight general use as well as heavy-duty, shock-absorbing sledge hammers for demolition work. For cutting down tree branches that smaller hand tools can't handle, turn to Fiskars axes and hatchets.

The line of Fiskars lawn mowers is economically ideal because they're operated without gas or power. These modern reel mowers feature a StaySharp™ cutting system to cut down on the need for sharpening. Many mowers also feature an InertiaDrive™ reel for more cutting power and a Versacut™ design for optimal cutting capabilities. Most models also have adjustable cutting heights for optimal lawn maintenance.

The Fiskars brand offers a broad range of garden and lawn care products for your beautification purposes. Whether you need lawn mowers or simple hand tools like hammers and shovels, you can find them here. Use these products to take on your outdoor projects and maintain the beauty of your property.