In 1964, Festool® brought the world's first rail guided circular saw to market. Since then they've only improved their design, and today Festool saws are some of the most precise and reliable tools on the market.

Festool circular saws are more than just your average cutting tool. With their patented guide rail technology, these revolutionary saws make cutting straight lines through sheet goods a simple task. One of these Festool saws can easily replace a traditional table saw, freeing up space in your shop and giving you increased freedom to position your material. Even when cutting diagonally across a large sheet of plywood, Festool circular saws will do the job quickly, easily and safely.

For intricate cutting jobs, Festool jig saws are difficult to beat. With precision blade guides to steady the cutting edge, high-performance batteries and ergonomic handle design, these light maneuverable tools give superb results. Whether you're cutting a shape out of the center of a sheet or making smooth curves with the help of one of Festool's specialized jigs, you can rely on these Festool saws every time.

When you're doing a lot of cutting, power saws can kick out a lot of dust. That's why Festool's integrated dust management system is so essential for a serious woodworker. Festool saws come equipped with a dust extraction port designed to connect to one of Festool's HEPA certified dust extraction systems, sucking away sawdust at the point where it's generated. Don't waste time cleaning up after a big job. Clean as you go with Festool's smart dust control solutions.

For many years, a stationary table saw has been a standard fixture in most wood shops. Festool power tools have dared to challenge that convention, and you can't argue with the results. Consider Festool saws for your next job, and invest in tools that are portable, clean and reliable.